Keep Writing


I think there’s no better writing advice than this:

Keep writing.

I had my fair share of moments in which I want to discontinue writing. You may be an aspiring writer or a veteran, but there are moments when writing weighs heavier than any other thing you have to do. You can only take so much criticism and you can only go through so much writer’s block. A writer will always face a point in which writings becomes too much to handle.

But when you put things into perspective, you realize that there’s no other thing you want to do. You can pick up a new hobby or try a different career, but you always fall back into writing. It doesn’t matter if you write for a living or if you simply write for yourself. What matters is that you keep the love for words alive, and you let these words flow on paper (or in your screen).

When you first started writing, you know what you’re getting yourself into. You know that you’ll be facing the harshest criticisms and one rejection after another. But you accept it and you soon embrace it.

Having way too many frustrations is part of being a writer. But even if you find it to be a difficult road to trek, it’s still the road you’ll always choose.