Capturing Ideas

keep a notebook

We never know when a good idea will struck. We may be stuck in traffic or in the middle of a conversation when something great pops from our mind. As we all know, ideas are fleeting. If you won’t jot it down in an instant, there’s a good chance that we’ve forgotten about it once we arrive home.

For writers, ideas are our lifeblood. We live and thrive on good ideas, because it’s the one that fuels our stories, our essays, our random internet musings. Ideas can start from something so simple but only through cultivation can we make it into something grand, something bigger than ourselves. All the greatest stories come from the simplest ideas, and we’ll never know which ones will result to something grand.

Some people may have moved on to their gadgets, but I still stick with my notebook. I guess I romanticize it too much, but I prefer literally jotting down my ideas instead of typing it out on my phone or laptop. Thoughts flow easier on paper as the lined paper seem to invite more thinking than a blinking cursor ever will. But it doesn’t really matter. As long you’ve managed to capture that fleeting idea, then it doesn’t matter if it’s a real notebook or your laptop that helps you store your ideas.