Tired of Writing, Hold On and Don’t Give Up



Writing can actually be fun but many might admit it or not it is also one of the frustrating activity to deal with. It is not that easy after all to start since just thinking of the perfect topic will certainly consume most of my time. Regardless of how I try to hard to come up with a good topic to write I end up nothing and it made me too frustrated in the end.

At some point as well, I end up not writing anything just for the mere reason that when I start to write I get too distracted. But, at the end of the day I do make sure that I don’t give up and tries to continue thinking on what to write. It is not that easy after all to write especially if you are not that motivated or inspired to write it.

Instead of de-motivating myself about things thing that might really affect on how I do write. I do think of ways on how to survive and make sure that I can write without any hard feelings.

1. Think of Unique Things – when it comes in writing, it is very important that you have to think of unique stuff. This make writing a bit easy to handle knowing that you have ideas on how it should be done.

2. Stop Being a Pessimist – when you are loaded with negative stuff of course the focus that you have in writing can be affected as well. That is why when I do write and for me to survive on it I have to be more optimistic and leave behind some negative vibes.

3. Just Write – the best solution when having some troubles in mind. At the end of the day regardless of how lazy or unproductive I have to make sure to finish what I have started. When I think of it as being difficult I will just write and write and along the way I forget my problem in writing.

But,  if you are really that determined and passionate in writing you will do everything for you paper to be done. That is what my sort of motto when times in writing gets tough.