The Bookshelf Project



I’m currently renovating my room and my utmost priority is my bookshelf. As much as I love books, I’m afraid I don’t have a pretty nor a functional bookshelf to house my books, hundreds of ’em. So despite being low on budget, I’ve been working on it for a week now, and I’m nowhere near completion.

So here’s my plan:

  • Maximize space by installing shelves on my walls, like the pictured above. But I plan to paint the shelves white for a cleaner and more minimalistic look.
  • Install the shelves myself! I already bought the planks and next step is to pain them and install them with the help of friends.
  • Buy adorable book ends! I already bought two pairs but I think I’ll need a few more.
  • Sort my books by genre. This might be the most time-consuming thing I’ll do in this project.

I’m far from completion but hopefull I’ll finish this next week. 🙂

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